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Burnt Tomatoes and Chillies Chutney

Photo of a Naga Tribe

Photo of a Naga Tribe

This is my version of the simple yet great tomato and chillies chutney. Its rustic but its yum if you like minimalistic food.The method is very simple. Take a large tomato and burn it till the skin starts to peel off and the inner flesh becomes visible. Take as many chillies as you want. Id say 2-4 would be enough and also burn them slightly. Be careful!! it will tickle your nostrils so be prepared. I also liketo add one large potato boiled like you would for mash potatoes. Now bring the three ingredients together. First, mash the chillies and the tomatoes and then the potatoes. keep the skin on the tomatoes on. The burnt skins add flavour. Mash them well. add salt to taste. Your done!! This is traditionally had as a side dish with rice.

Food bites- recipes from tribal North East India

Indian cuisine, as is known globally, is synonymous with curry, chicken tikka masala, et al but India has many “little Indias” and this also extends to the cuisine.

The North Eastern part of India is a land inhabited by colour tribes each with its own history, culture, language and food… This blog will capture some of the simple, healthy and great tasting food from these mystic lands.

Where some ingredients may not be available world over, we  suggest a close substitute.

The recipes will be uploaded in a few more days… till then if you want to know what North East India looks like click on